Assign academic ghostwriters – legally and without a guilty conscience

Many ghostwriters’ clients are initially uncertain about cooperation and legitimacy. Attention to a few points helps to secure yourself comprehensively.

First of all: Anyone who commissions an academic ghostwriter or an agency to produce a scientific paper is welcome to do so – as long as the paper is not submitted as a separate study or examination, there is nothing to be said against such a procedure.

Ghostwriter as consultant with expert status

Even if suggestions from third parties are incorporated into the structure and literature of the work, this usually does not yet constitute a violation of the rules. For scientific work is always based on the work of others – this includes integrating the results of previous research.

If this does not happen, this ignorance of scientific practice would be a far greater problem than resorting to some suggestions from other people.

On the other hand, anyone who sees a moral problem in the use of professional service providers should simply forego this and not burden their conscience – even if they know that this form of editing or consulting is legally harmless.

Anyone who needs help within the legally permissible framework – for example, to complete a stalled job – can of course do so. The declaration to have made a work “independently and only using the aids and literature specified here”, is not affected if, for example, other persons correct the work, carry out extensive editing or help with structure and literature search.

As a rule, these activities are only one more help – as long as the basic ideas of the work itself have been developed, the literature itself has been read and the analysis itself has been carried out, this is not a problem.

Texts for all

Even apart from the exam, numerous scientific texts are required and ordered from ghostwriters. Not everyone dares to master the content as well as the necessary scientific methods. And a serious ghostwriter has enough experience to handle even unconventional topics quickly and accurately.